Our Partnership

We are a legal partnership specialized in commercial law. Our practice is based on the law of partnership (Partnerschaftsgesetz). Partnership is a key concept for us both as a team and in our dealings with our clients. Since the foundation of our law firm in 1987 we have been supporting and counselling clients in Germany and abroad, particularly in France, the U.S.A., in Great Britain and in other countries. As independent counsellors and representatives, we support our clients in all matters of commercial law. We are engaged in a constant dialogue with our clients to help them arrange their legal affairs, to avoid conflict and to settle disputes. Our ideas in legal shaping bring advantage to our clients in their private legal field and in their professional sphere. If litigation cannot be avoided, we defend our clients’ interests in and out of court as well as in arbitration procedures. We work in partnership with our cooperation partners.

Our clients are company owners, companies and entrepreneurially-minded, active people who seek and receive result-orientated legal counselling and representation both at home and abroad. We are competent advisers for our clients in all legally relevant commercial and private matters. In dealing with our clients’ other advisers, we are cultivating partnerly relationship for the benefit of our joint clients.