Legal Counselling and Representation

Thanks to our close cooperation with our clients and their tax advisers, we are consulted at an early stage of the legal process, which reduces the risk of litigation. Mainly we provide legal advise combined with individual counselling. If litigation cannot be avoided, we defend the legal interests of our clients by taking legal action both in Germany and abroad, particularly in France and the USA / Belgium and Switzerland. We are also dealing with Anglo-American matters and are attending to our clients Spanish language.

1.) Company and Commercial Law including Law of Contract

2.) Protection of Industrial Property / Competition Law

3.) Competition and Cartel Law

4.) Competition and Cartel Law

5.) Housing Industry Law

6.) Insolvency Law

7.) Mergers and Acquisitions

8.) Penal Law concerning business offences

9.) Family and Inheritance Law

10.) Representation of the interests of French clients in Germany

11.) Representation of the interests of German clients in France

12.) Other Foreign Clients

13.) Internet Law